Your audience is always on the move – your message should be too. Get in front of United customers no matter where they are in their journey: at home, at the airport, during their flight, at their destination and everywhere else.

Engage traveler audiences anywhere with Kinective MediaSM by United Airlines.


The traveler audience

Kinective MediaSM by United Airlines is your ticket to curated audiences with hours of attention to give and money to spend.

Never before have brands been able to connect directly with a U.S.-based traveler audience at this scale. Tap into their desire for personalized experiences and lifestyle-enhancing products and services.

Engage more than 108 million unique flyers interacting with our specialized media channels.

Deep insights

Building on United’s broad traveler audience, Kinective Media offers brands deep and actionable insights through our rich, first-party loyalty data. MileagePlus® is one of the world’s largest airline loyalty programs and provides consumer insights not just for travel, but many other everyday and luxury spend categories too.

Deliver dynamic messaging to exactly the right audience for you:

  • Frequent and active travelers
  • Travelers based on origins and destination
  • Business or leisure travelers  
  • Family travelers & other travel personas 
  • Flyers who prefer the front or back of the plane 
  • And more … 

Omnichannel media

Connect with our traveler audience wherever they are: on the plane, on the go, and even at home on the media channels they love.

Our unique media channels offer multiple touchpoints across their entire journey. Reach them through our award-winning mobile app, (with 1.8 million daily visitors), in the airport and on our all new seatback screens. It all adds up to the potential for 3.5 hours of attention per traveler (based on average flight time).

At home

In the airport

Informational screens

On board

Seatback screens

On board

In-flight entertainment

At home

United app

In the airport

United ClubSM locations

Frequently asked questions

All customers see ads across United’s various media and screens, but these ads are not always personalized. Kinective Media uses insights from U.S. customers aged 18 and older to create different audience segments to connect customers to personalized advertising, experiences and offers from leading brands, products and services. If a customer is both in an audience segment and has not opted out, they may see personalized ads.

No. Kinective Media aims to enhance the travel experience while growing the trust that travelers place in United. Advertisers cannot access the personally identifiable information of United customers. Instead, Kinective Media leverages the insights of U.S. customers aged 18 and older to create aggregated and anonymized audience segments that it uses to deliver ads from Kinective Media advertisers. All U.S. customers have the option to opt-out of Kinective Media personalized advertising at any time.

Individuals that live in the US can opt out of targeted ads here. If customers make this choice, they will still see ads but they may be less relevant. To learn more about our privacy practices, visit our Privacy Policy.